Top Stories published by Human Parts in November of 2020

Past Is Prologue

Why Italians Use Dozens of Words for Simple Instructions

Person’s hands holding a lit match.

This Is Us

The Affair I Didn’t Have

Instead of cheating, I decided to make myself into…

Middle finger up in the middle of a field.

This Is Us

In My Fifties, I’m Finally Learning to Say ‘F*ck You’

How midlife loosened…

This Is Us

A Self-Indulgent Ode to Old Lady Hair

Or, a meditation on accelerated aging

Distraught woman covering her face while lying on the ground against a black background.

Lived Through This

When Your Disorder Doesn’t Exist

‘Medically unexplained’ symptoms…

Watercolor-like double exposure photo of a person making light design in a dark atmosphere.

This Is Us

The Only Way to Get Life Right

Accept what is. Become what will.

This Is Us

How to Support Your Dying Loved One

I watched my husband go through…

Cheerful family toasting drinks.

This Is Us

My Boyfriend’s Family Was Not a Replacement for My Own

I still want to fill…

This Is Us


A lifetime of memories in and about the place where we rest our heads

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