Top Stories published by Human Parts in December of 2020

This Is Us

My So-Called ‘Addiction’ Dates Back 5,000 Years

Go ahead, poke fun at my…

Double exposure orange-filtered photo of a couple kissing against bright sky.

Humans 101

Your Relationship Is a Spiritual Assignment

You will keep getting the same…

Sunset visible through skinny branches.

Planet Soul

An 11-Day Vow of Silence Changed My View on the True Nature of Objective Reality

Double exposure photo of woman with light trails.

This Is Us

Starving Myself Straight

Coming to terms with my sexual anorexia

Vintage photograph of a German shepherd dog.

This Is Us

Love Can Look Like So Many Things

The dog that saved me, the dog I couldn’t…

Dark lighting photo of a woman reading a book, with a lit candle and apple pie.

Planet Soul

What I Learned From a Year of Studying Tarot

To me, the cards are tools for…

Shattered glass image of a man and woman about to kiss.

This Is Us

The Consequences of Toxic Male Sex Advice

A bit of ‘wisdom’ passed down from…

Woman holding a wrapped present in her arms.

This Is Us

Gifts That Have Moved Me to Tears

Why creatives are richer than they realize

Past Is Prologue

In the South, Beautiful Things Have a Terrible Past

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