Top Stories published by Human Parts in January of 2021

Lived Through This

Here’s What It Was Really Like to Work at a Women’s Website

I felt nothing. So I headed to my desk for another busy day of browsing online sales and waiting to die.

This Is Us

Therapy Isn’t for Everyone

Let’s talk about the people harmed by mainstream…

Humans 101

Sympathy for the Narcissist

Can we stop maligning people with a highly…

Humans 101

How to Never Break Up

My friendship failures taught me something important about marriage

Planet Soul

Don’t Fall for the ‘Twin Flame’ Trap

It’s just woo-woo-speak for toxic codependency

Two people standing close together in the dark with colorful, abstract shapes projected onto them.

This Is Us

My Roommate, the Ghost

She doesn’t pay rent, but we’re doing okay

This Is Us

How Women Can Embrace Aging in a Youth-Obsessed Culture


A rounded wooden table with a vase of flowers on it in a living room.

Past Is Prologue

A Crowded Table

I own the table of my dreams because someone was…

Shadows on pavement cast by a child and an adult holding hands as they walk.

This Is Us

I Used to Let My Son Hit Me in the Face, Until I Didn’t

Parenting is a…

Past Is Prologue

What I Saw Documenting an Insurrection

A photographer’s perspective on recent events at the Capitol

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