Top Stories published by Human Parts in February of 2021

This Is Us

People Said I Was ‘Special.’ Really, I Just Had ADHD.

The diagnosis that…

Black and white photo of a cat resting on a ledge.

Humans 101

How to Fight Back Against the ‘Laziness Lie’

Our culture’s fear of laziness…

This Is Us

I’m a Lost Girl of ADHD

This was my inner voice

Black and white photo of a mother kissing her infant.

This Is Us

It’s Time We Stop Saying ‘You Never Know Love Until You Have a Child’

Lived Through This

That Time My Mom Sprayed Mace in a Bakery

Or, why I grew up thinking all adults are miserable

Humans 101

Ways I’ve Derailed Healthy Conflict

And how I’m trying to make space for…

This Is Us

Approach This World With Wonder: A Black Son Remembers His Father

This Is Us

Losing My Daughter Changed Who I Am

The old me is gone, and I’m learning to let the light back in

Blurry image of pedestrians walking against overlay of clock hours.

Humans 101

Psychological Tricks for Handling a Midlife Crisis

How to feel less bummed…

Blurry black and white image of a person walking holding an umbrella with some bare trees.

Lived Through This

The Hidden Cost of My Parents’ Secrecy

Their choice to hide my…

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