Top Stories published by Human Parts in March of 2021

Humans 101

How to Speak Honestly, Even When It’s Hard

A guide to saying the quiet part…

This Is Us

I Was a Failed Trophy Wife-In-Training

My mother seemed to think you could…

Illustration of a large bird spreading its wings. Light blue, yellow, and brown lines (with the dark blue background showing through) form ornate patterns on its feathers. Behind it float blue circles of various sizes that look like doilies.

This Is Us

A Letter From My Daughter on the 4th Anniversary of Her Death

This Is Us

How to Hate Your Mother

I don’t forgive her — but I learned to set my own

This Is Us

How a ‘Buy Nothing’ Group Kept Me Human

It’s an alternative to waste—but also proof of life

Shelves of books in a quaint New England thrift store.

This Is Us

I’m Too Old to Write About My Life

I used to be known for personal writing. Now I can’t bear it.

Quirky photo symbolizing writer’s block. Person sitting at typewriter with a bunch of crumpled paper.

Express Yourself

The Limiting Belief Behind the Worst Kind of Writer’s Block

This Is Us

Pondering a Future Alone

How would it feel to be single for the rest of my life?

This Is Us

I Am Pre-Mourning My Parents

What it’s like to mourn the living

Watercolor-like illustration of a person standing on a snowy field with their back to the viewer, watching the sun set over a cluster of trees on the horizon.

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